Project management plays a critical role in fintech by ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. Fintech projects can include developing new financial products, creating innovative payment solutions, implementing regulatory compliance frameworks, or upgrading existing systems to enhance security and efficiency. Effective project management involves planning, organizing, […]

Digital banking refers to the use of digital technologies, such as mobile devices, computers, and the internet, to provide banking services to customers. It encompasses a range of digital channels and platforms, including mobile banking apps, online banking websites, and other digital platforms that enable customers to manage their finances and interact with their banks […]

As we approach 2023, the banking industry continues to be disrupted by digital trends that are reshaping the industry. Here are some of the key digital trends that are expected to disrupt the banking industry in 2023: Digital Transformation: Banks are increasingly adopting digital technologies to transform their business processes, enhance customer experience, and improve […]

Here are four trending banking solutions that are transforming the traditional banking industry: Mobile Banking: Mobile banking refers to the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access financial services and manage finances. Mobile banking allows customers to check their account balance, make transactions, pay bills, and perform other banking functions from […]

The financial services industry sees continuous changes all year round, and financial institutions need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of sector trends and emerging forces. And with 2023 fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the latest banking trends that could have a big impact for the next 12 months.   Digital banking. […]

The Consumer Duty final guidance comes with big requirements for evidence. Firms will need to deploy advanced data-driven technology solutions to meet the regulator’s data-focused demands, ultimately adapting their approach and processes in order to comply. Product management technology It provides a digital product governance solution specifically for the financial services industry. Its technology helps […]

The rapid expansion has been driven partly by the increasing availability of capital and the growing demand from consumers for more innovative and convenient financial products. Fintech has quickly become a significant disruptor in the financial sector. In just a few short years, fintech companies have seen tremendous growth, with many now offering core financial […]

Digital banking is the digitization (or moving online) of all the traditional banking activities and programs services that were historically only available to customers when physically inside of a bank branch. This includes activities like Money Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers Checking/Saving Account Management Applying for Financial Products Loan Management Bill Pay Account Services Consumer preferences […]

What is Know Your Client (KYC)? The Know Your Client (KYC) or Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process to verify the identity and other credentials of a financial services user. KYC is a regulatory process of ascertaining the identity and other information of a financial services user. The Know Your Client (KYC) process helps […]

Banking Industry Overview The banking industry is in a much healthier place now than it was after the financial crisis of 2008. Total global assets climbed to $124 trillion in 2018, according to The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks Ranking for 2018. With so much money to manage, major banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, […]