The main priority of businesses in competitive environments is to retain and acquire new customers. The escalating cost of setting up branches remains a challenge and using manual processes has stimulated frauds and inefficient service delivery. To meet these challenges, organizations must explore more innovative ways to competitively deliver services.

jReamPay Agency Banking Solution brings financial services to customers at their doorsteps by offering a full range of banking services without the need to visit a branch. It provides customers with the possibility of accessing financial services at a location nearest to them and therefore reducing cost. Field agents or loan officers are able to process loan applications & answer client inquiries in the field, stopping the use of paper forms, saving time and money for organizations and their clients.



Retain and Acquire New Customers

jReamPay provides the opportunity to retain customers and acquire new ones by bringing financial services to their locations.

Secure Financial Transactions

jReamPay provides secure financial transactions across multiple platforms.

Effective Product Awareness

It ensures effective product awareness and helps financial institutions to roll out banking services at a fraction of the cost.

Financial Inclusion

It enables financial inclusion in remote areas by bringing financial services to the unbanked.

Financial sector development

jReamPay Agency Banking ensures cost savings in offering financial services and allows for considerable financial sector development.

Regional Development

It helps to increase employment opportunity around the region.