jBridge is a HOST-to-HOST(H2H) interface tool for connecting ISO8583 Message Processing Server(s) with any financial HOST application servers, like T24™. jBridge has its own load balancing features and capabilities to ensure maximum throughput. It enables seamless connection and processing of ISO8583 messages between multiple ISO Servers and in-house banking/financial applications for processing of different ATM/card and mobile banking transactions. It could also be configured to interface multiple banking/financial application servers to single ISO message server. jBridge is platform independent thereby enabling deployment on any operating system.

It employs standard XML format in presentment of messages between ISO servers and banking/financial Host Application server thereby making it ideal solution for connecting with host application on any database platform. jBridge has been seamlessly integrated with multiple Card/ATM, mobile banking, and internet Banking Application Servers using different flavours of ISO8583 protocols. jBridge is been used to process Card/ATM transactions from several of the renown application servers like Postillion™, CompassPlus™, Tietonator, NET1, CR2 Sparrow, eTranzact™, FUNDAMO, BASE24, etc. for ATM/POS, Mobile Banking Payment, Internet Banking, VISA processing, and a host of other locally developed ISO8583-based solutions.