Jethro Transaction Manager (jTM) module is specifically developed for TEMENOS T24™/T24forMCB™ banking applications(T24™). The solution is fully parameterized and supports up-to 256 different Issuer/Bank Identification Numbers (IIN/BIN). It is designed to process Cash Cards (ATM), POS, Debit Card, Credit Card, Charge Cards, Smart Cards, Mobile Payment, and Internet banking transactions on T24™ jTM uses JETHRO’s own transaction mechanism that ensures robust, fast, secure, and effective transaction processing on T24™ environment. jTM has its load balancing facilities with multiple instances of service agents thereby ensuring faster processing of transactions on T24™ in record time. jTM has withstood stringent processing environment and it offers real-time online transaction processing. It has been deployed along with jCM in several TEMENOS T24™ sites in several countries and in highly demanding environments.

Various Message Type support: jTM support any message type and processing codes that may be presented by any Card/ATM/POS/Mobile Banking/Internet Banking Application Server software for processing, eg. Withdrawal, Deposits, Account Transfers, Visa Credit Card payment, Bill Payment, Mobile Phone Top-Up, Balance Enquiries, Mini/Full Statements, Statements on Demand, etc. T24™ Specific – Services-based processing of transactions, parameterized tables, Report and Enquiries (Exceptions for transactions more than 1 day old; Today’s entries, Card Issue, Card Cancellation, Balance upload – adhoc and automatic balance upload). jTM maintain separate tables for all its transactions for ATM message processing support, ease of use, and auditing. Its transactions are uniquely separated and identifiable because it does not use existing T24™ application like FUNDS.TRANSFER(FT).