Financial transactions occur daily. Tracking activities associated with data cannot be over emphasised. It allows transaction status confirmation, provide evidence for reference and enable patterns to be formed for future projections.

jPOS is an open-source, mission-critical enterprise software, based on International Organization for Standardization transaction card originated messages standard which specifies a common interface by which financial transaction card originated messages may be interchanged between acquirers and card issuers. It specifies message structure, format and content, data elements and values for data elements. It provides a high-performance bridge between card messages generated at the point of sale or ATM terminals and internal systems along the entire financial messaging network. jPOS is an enabling technology that can be used to handle all card processing from messaging, to processing, through reporting. jPOS powers wide range of payment networks spread across the globe. It is used to drive high demand payment applications (such as credit, debit, pre-paid, gift, loyalty card issuing and acquiring platforms, and so on) across continents.

JETHRO and jPOS are technology partners in helping companies to accelerate the implementation of their jPOS based application project in every aspect of design, development and deployment.

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