Customer acquisition and retention is a major priority for businesses. Putting the right strategy in place in response to customer dynamics will enable businesses to succeed. Effective marketing is required for businesses to remain competitive. Technologies allow strategic marketing to be achieved by providing opportunities for retailers to improve their competitive advantage and brand presence.

Xpertek CONTACT is a leading provider of diverse software solutions that enable clients to achieve their goals of pro-actively engaging their customers in order to provide excellent services. For instance, retailers are able to tie-in their Wi-Fi services to customer's social media portals (such as Facebook and Twitter), giving retail customers a means of gathering valuable marketing information with consent. These enable retailers to increase their brand presence, and recommend products and promotions based on the customer's online behaviour, shopping habits and in-store and online activities resulting in the delivery of location based marketing in real time.

JETHRO and Xpertek CONTACT are technological partners in delivering customised solutions that impact positively on service efficiency and business growth. Innovative products that provide powerful location based marketing asset and help to actively engage clients and build customer database.

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