Core banking solutions help banks to automate front-end and back-end processes in order to achieve centralized and sophisticated processing. TEMENOS is a leading software provider in the banking industry across the globe. The core banking software (T24) developed by Temenos is used by over 600 financial institutions around the world and it integrates brilliant capabilities with innovative functionalities that can be customised and extended.

JETHRO and Temenos are in service partnership to transform businesses in financial markets and to enable them remain at the forefront of an ever changing industry. The alliance helps financial institutions to become one-stop shops for all the financial needs of retail and corporate customers by providing multiple services under one package. Collaboration is a continuous link that provides the platform for business continuity and Temenos provides the platform for working in partnership with our customers. This has earned us the status of "technology partner" among several of our commercial banks and MFI customers.

Our partnership with Temenos is client focused, which ensures the delivering of banking software projects on time, on budget and according to specification. The alliance has enabled Jethro to build a reputation for delivering quality, robust, cost effective, and reliable services to its customers which include several Tier 1, Tier 2 and microfinance banks and has been involved in several Temenos T24 and T24MCB implementations, support, upgrades, T24 stabilisation, interface development and integration, post-implementation reviews, general ledger and mismatch fixing.

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