The Personnel module enables effective personnel management. It has the functionality to capture detail information regarding your personnel such as personal and employment status. Features include: location capture, employee status, staff clock in, timesheet and more.

The Payroll system of Jethro HRS application is a Temenos T24 ready module that handshakes seamlessly with Temenos’ products. Special features in the Payroll module include: Allowance / Deduction Types, Staff Clock In, Online Advice (Pay Advices are generated and can be viewed online even before they are printed), Integration, and more.

Flexible Reporting – Unlike most conventional payroll software, users are presented with a tool and template that help them in defining the various payroll reports they may like to have since the various codes for the different payments to staff are user-defined. The only pre-requites to this is a knowledge of enquiry reporting in T24.

Cost–Effective– HRS is cost effective and easy to implement. It eliminates the need for third party off-the-shelf applications that may not be able to communicate with T24. It also eliminates the need for manual intervention thereby reducing points of error.

Benefits of JETHRO HRS Module

Some of the benefits of Temenos T24 additional modules from JETHRO include:

  • Minimal training requirement for users
  • Fast and trouble-free implementation
  • Eliminates need for complex integration to accounting system
  • No additional hardware requirement
  • Eliminates manual capture of entries
  • Ease of use – Our modules adopts the familiar look and feel of Temenos T24. Any current user of T24/ T24 MCB is able to use the software with minimal training.

Parameter-driven - Like standard T24/ T24 MCB; our modules have been made very flexible and easily adaptable to your needs through the use of parameter files.You can design your own input screens, create your own menus or even change field names by simply amending set parameters.