Companies must ensure continuous improvement in service delivery to stay in business and remain competitive. This can be achieved by assessing performance to highlight areas of risks and to identify the required strategies for continuous improvement. It is important to track business operation in order to obtain information on current status and changes to business activities. Such information becomes a resource for effective and efficient decision making. jReporter is a suite of tools that enables a business to meet its reporting needs. It supports decision making by providing an easy-to-use customizable platform for measuring organizational and team performance which enables financial consolidation and ensures the effective communication of the operational activities of an organization. It provides the necessary tools for the evaluation of strategies and ensures actionable reporting with rapid report development and precise layouts. jReporter enables users to create accurate, robust, interactive ad hoc reports & dashboards.

BENEFITS of jReporter

Efficient Operation

jReporter ensures that the access burden imposed on the core-banking system during operation is removed when the reporting portal and data warehouse are separate from the operational system.

Centralized reporting portal

This enables users in an organization to have access locally and on the move. A suit of tools is made available in one portal.

Easy Customization

Meet each user’s need: jReporter enables an organization to have a portal that can be easily managed to the specific needs of each department or user, and therefore meets the various needs.

Variety of Components

Huge array of components that enable the user to present data in different ways

Supports concurrent users

jReporter has a robust platform that supports concurrent users. Reports are generated easily and fast.