jDelivery: Customer Communication Solution

With companies facing intense competition to acquire and retain customers and to reduce cost of delivering services to customers, providing services that will build trust, revive loyalty, and lower cost has become critical. Despite these challenges, wouldn’t it be great if your company could provide “little” details to your customers in the format and through the channel they prefer at lower cost?

jDelivery provide unique opportunity for you to deliver a better customer experience through its content-rich and engaging communication platform. It helps you to eliminate cost associated to paper-based communication by providing facility for personalised communication and engaging customer experiences through email platform.

jDelivery is a suite of application modules designed to provide one-stop electronic alert solution for financial institutions. It is a multi-channel, multi-functional electronic and mobile alert notification system which is platform independent and designed to work with any banking application. jDelivery presents opportunities for Banks and MFI to offer convenient means of notifying their customers about transactions on their accounts.

The modularity of the solution enables banks to license modules that are required for their immediate operation and with ability to obtain new modules without changing their operations.

JETHRO has developed a module on Temenos T24/T24forMCB that seamlessly connects to jDelivery engine for real-time notification alerts (transactions, COB stages/crash alert), e-statement based on defined frequencies, and report extractions (COB reports, Advices, Deal Slip, etc).