Financial instituitions face the challenge of retaining and acquiring more customers. The traditional processes in service delivery have resulted in long queues in banking halls. Transactions that require prompt execution are delayed. Today, customers expect to perform and receive update on transactions anywhere and anytime. Companies must explore new ways to ensure better service delivery in order to meet customer satisfaction. jMobile Banking (jMB) Solution provides a portal to a bank’s financial services via mobile android devices which enable customers to access services at their convenience for prompt execution of transactions, resulting in time savings. It enables companies to make a range of payments such as salaries, purchase payments and more. It also enables customers to make payments to organisation for goods and services. The limitations of distance and time is removed. It enables people to transfer or remit money to others; from one account to another within the same bank and other banks. It provides an opportunity for the “unbanked” to use mobile payment services as an alternative to cash in emerging markets

Benefits of jMB

Convenient and Unlimited Access

jMB enables you to provide your customers with the capability to access their accounts, make payments, and track investments regardless of where they are and at a time that suits them.

Increased Efficiency

jMB enables the decongestion of banking halls and reduces the amount of paperwork for both the banker and the customer.

Time Savings

Your customers would not need to allocate time to walk into the banking hall. They can check account balances, schedule and receive payments, transfer money and organize their accounts when they are on the move.

Secure Solution

jMB is built on secure protocols. Transactions are communicated using encrypted mechanisms ensuring confidentiality.

Fraud Tracking

It enables customers to track activities on their accounts by ensuring they receive real time alerts whenever transactions occur on their accounts.


jSMS banking platform provides an enabling environment for carrying out banking transaction through the use of short message service (SMS). It uses standardized communications protocols to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages with core banking system. A short code is obtained on behalf of financial institutions from a telecommunication company through which messages could be sent from customers and service agents. Message sent to the short code is received and forwarded to Jethro Gateway through telecommunication network gateway. The core banking system receives, process, and returns the message as an appropriate response.