Financial institutions face the challenge of continuous spending on IT infrastructure in order to ensure efficient services. New banks would need to outsource the delivery of their banking technology as a cloud-based service in order to ensure a highly secure, always accessible, core banking technology without the need for significant expensive IT infrastructure.

jCloud Services (jCS) offers a scalable, manageable technology solution that reduces IT hardware, maintenance and development costs giving financial institutions an exceptional cost-effective opportunity to launch new innovative services. It enables new banks to focus on customers and the market by entrusting technology partners with IT service delivery.


Cost Savings: jCS enables financial institutions to lower investment in dedicated hardware, software and associated manpower. Companies can update their cloud’s modular, subscribe and pay for services on-demand.

Business Focus: It enable companies to focus on the business of financial services by entrusting technology partners with IT service delivery. This ensures increased profit as a result of productivity.

Business Continuity: It enables the continuous delivery of financial services at acceptable predefined levels and ensures that the delivering technology platform is well managed.

Flexible and Secure Solution: jCS provides secure financial transactions across multiple platforms.

Efficient Service and Fast Product Deployment: jCS provides financial institutions with an efficient option to deploy new services in the shortest time possible and at the fraction of the cost. This enable companies to respond promptly to the dynamic needs of customers. Companies and their customers will be able to access banking systems at any time, from anywhere, using web browsers.